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Coronavirus - Our Response

2020-2021 has been an unprecedented year, operating front line services for the most vulnerable adults with a learning disability, within an unknown global pandemic – our response was and will continue to be exceptional - placing the people we support and our workforce safety and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

Highlights of our Covid-19 response included:-

  • Produced a rigorous and comprehensive 'WE remobilisation essential criteria’ which was approved by WE board and Wirral Council in August 2020
  • Successfully reopened all locations, in compliance with the ‘criteria’ to support approx. 300 people we support in a safe environment, whilst operating an alternative week provision to accommodate the social distancing requirements
  • Responded promptly and effectively with two Covid-19 cluster outbreaks resulting in two locations closing.  This was in accordance with ‘WE escalation process for closure’ in the event of an Covid-19 cluster outbreak or national lockdown
  • Continued to use technology to reduce social isolation and maintain strong governance arrangements
  • Provided a team of dedicated Mental Health Advisors to support the workforce when needed
  • Maintained strong communications with all our workforce and stakeholders within the WE Family
  • Produced easy read documents to support  the physical and mental wellbeing of the people we support with complementary updates through a dedicated web page Wirral Evolutions coronavirus updates
  • Responded effectively and efficiently to all national Covid-19 lockdown and reverted to WE outreach programme
  • Offered all the workforce access to take up the Covid-19 vaccination, of which approx. 90% of the workforce took up the offer
  • Introduced regular Covid-19 testing for the workforce
  • Maintained quality standards and assurance across the service in accordance with WE Quality Framework
  • Provided compliance information to Wirral Council on all matters relating to the contract
  • 78% of our workforce reported, good to excellent regarding our response to the Covid-19 pandemic (139 respondents)
  • WE supported other social care providers with resources throughout the pandemic

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