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COVID-19 Update 20th March

Website Covid19 Update

We are doing everything we can to minimise the impact coronavirus will have on our services, but, as you can imagine, this is an ever-changing situation and we are and will continue to take guidance that the government, Wirral Health Care & Commissioning and Wirral Council are providing for organisations like ours. The Senior Leadership Team are reviewing the situation daily and adapting our approach, as required.

We are currently in the ‘delay’ stage of the virus response and based on the latest advice from the UK government, a copy of the advice is provided the link to the site is also provided below. We have taken the decision to redesign our service for the next twelve weeks.

This advice means that everyone accessing our services have been advised to self-isolate from Friday 20th March 2020 for their own safety and well-being. Therefore from Monday the 23rd of March we are requesting that all the people we support remain at their place of residence if appropriate to do so.

We appreciate that this may be very problematic for some people. We plan on calling you all over the next few days for a personal chat to discuss how we can continue to support you and your loved ones throughout this period. We anticipate that the redesigned provision of support will be in place by Thursday 26th March.

The range of services we will look to provide based on prioritisation of need are as follows:

• People who can safely make their own arrangements to self-isolate at home without additional support from alternative care services can and should do so. We will keep in touch through phone calls to check in on you.

• Wirral Evolutions to contact daily over the phone to check on family's welfare. One off 'floating support/short visits' to assist with specific identified needs e.g. shopping, accidents, parent/carer has an appointment they can't rearrange.

• Planned/regular home support for up to 2 hours to give parent/carers respite and opportunity to complete daily living tasks.

• People who need support that we cannot provide by floating support will be given a continued option of being supported at either our Heswall or Pensby Wood locations, with additional measured in place for people’s protection. This will be planned full days up to a maximum of 3 days.

• These planned full days up to a maximum of 3 days within the day service, will be with smaller groups to ensure we can minimise the risks of contracting/spreading infection.

If you feel you are unable to cope without further support coming into you home to assist you and your loved ones, we will send in an urgent referral to adult social care on your behalf for them to explore with you the support you need at home. We will work in partnership with adult social care to ensure you get the support needed.

We appreciate this is a worrying time for us all.

Working within current guidelines each of our setting will still have staff who can take calls for advice and guidance.

In addition you can contact us by e-mail at parentandcarers@wirralevolutions.org

We will also continue to post updates on our website, and on our twitter and Facebook accounts.

We will keep in regular contact with all and notify you of any changes as soon as they are known.

Telephone Number/ Links to Gov UK:

Heswall           0151 342 6402
Pensby            0151 648 7313
Dale Farm       0151 342 7819
Royden Park   0151 678 6151
Cambridge      0151 638 9237
Best Bites        0151 691 1272
Eastham          0151 327 4348
Highcroft         0151 666 4003
Oakenholt       0151 666 3867

Guidance Gov UK Website

20 March 2020