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Our Governance and Board


Good governance is an essential part of the present and future needs of Wirral Evolutions Ltd. It is essential for Wirral Evolutions Ltd to achieve its objectives and drive improvement, as well as maintain legal and ethical standing in the eyes of shareholders, regulators, and the wider community.

The purpose of our Governance Framework is to define the corporate governance principles, its structures, relationships, levels of accountability, processes and behaviours that creates value for Wirral Evolutions Ltd over the next five years.  This will ensure long-term continuity and success for its shareholders, commissioners, stakeholders, employees and the people we support.

                    Governance Framework

Board Leadership

Wirral Evolutions Ltd is led by a strong, strategic leadership board of directors, who’s prime responsibility it to set the direction of travel for the company in terms of strategy, performance, quality standards, human resources, audit and risk, improvement and mentoring. The Board is supported by sub committees as a vehicle for engagement, communications and scrutiny.

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The Board is supported by four sub committees (SC) as a vehicle for engagement, communications and scrutiny.  This provides a valuable contribution to enable successful outcomes for the people we support.

The diagram below sets out the relationships and accountability between the Shareholder, our Board, Executive Team and other Stakeholders:


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