Wirral Evolutions

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Co-Production Group Membership

The Day Services Co-production Group has a diverse makeup from all parts of our workforce and client base, so as to maximise the amount of feedback we can gather on if our services are functioning as well as possible.

As such, the group will be made up of:

  • Three of the people we support, chosen by the Speak Up Be Heard Group.
  • Three members of Together All Are Able, nominated by the group themselves.
  • Three Parents/Carers, selected either by the Parent/Carer Forum, or by the Parents/Carers expressing interest themselves.
  • Three Staff, chosen by the Staff Forum.
  • Two Volunteers, nominated by the Volunteer Forum.
  • One Elected Member of Wirral Council, from the Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee.
  • One Managing Director, from Wirral Evolutions.
  • One Assistant Director from Wirral Council's Adult Care and Health Directorate.