At Wirral Evolutions Ltd we are proud to have an amazing team of volunteers who work within our services and are an important part of the work we do. 


Our Aims for Volunteers at Wirral Evolutions Ltd:

As part of our Strategic Framework we will embed a culture of volunteering, reward and recognition within the company. 

In the future 100% of our volunteers will have:

  • a wide range of diverse skills and experiences in place
  • training, support and community involvement accessed
  • reward and recognition celebrated and shared
  • opportunities to feedback and shape the service provided

 Floristry Session


Workforce Survey

Our Workforce Survey 2019 is available for all staff and volunteers until 15th November 2019. This is a change for our paid and unpaid workforce to have their day.

You can find a link to the survey here. 

Training for Volunteers

We are currently offering a variety of training for our existing volunteers to help to increase knowledge and confidence, and enable 
volunteers to continue to support staff and clients across our services

Our most recent roll out of training covered a variety of skills including First Aid and Safeguarding. We will share future dates here as soon as they are available. 

Well done to all of our volunteers who have completed training courses so far. 


Volunteer Action Group

Our Volunteer Action Group is an opportunity for volunteers to meet each other and engage with the company. Come and learn more about the range and breadth of activities undertaken by fellow volunteers and discuss all aspects of volunteering with Wirral Evolutions Ltd. 

Previous Minutes:

November 2018

January 2019

March 2019


For more information, please email admin@wirralevolutions.org 

volunteer meeting may 2019

Our Chair, Mike Naden with the Volunteer Action Group in May


Volunteer Strategy

We have been working towards establishing a Volunteering Framework and associated handbooks, training etc.  Great progress is being made and over the next couple of months we should be in the right place to offer more volunteering placements requiring a much broader range of skills.  Volunteering and the links into the Community will continue to be core to the Company. 


Volunteer Experiences

“I am a retired children’s nurse and I wished to give something back. I came to volunteer one day a week, and I feel whatever skills a person has can be put to good use.  I have supported people in a range of actives by working alongside staff who have been so welcoming, I really enjoy my role and it is great to be part of a team again.”

"Volunteering has allowed me to share the skills I have as well as learning new ones."

"I love being part of the sports groups and helping to motivate people. I love sports myself so it's great to be doing something I love that helps others. I have enjoyed watching people become keen sports people and enjoy healthy competition."

"Volunteering has helped me manage my own personal issues. It gives me something to get up for." 


How to Volunteer With Us

If you would like to know more about volunteering at our services, you can contact individual locations directly (please see the ‘Day Opportunities’ and ‘Day Centres’ sections for contact information of each location)