View From The Chair - May 2018

View from the Chair: Issue 3                          


Since I last wrote to you all but a lot more progress has been made in our journey together to make Wirral Evolutions sustainable and the service of choice for all of our clients and students


You will recall from last month that we had shared our Purpose and Strategy with the Shareholder Board and we committed to sharing it with all of you and our other key stakeholders for example clients/students and parent/carers. We began this process on April 17th with representatives from all of the Shapers and Makers groups. Your colleagues may well by now have shared some of the key points with you; over the next few months myself and Dave Fergus our Managing Director will hope to meet with all of you and share our emerging future direction.


Myself and two of our Non-Executive Directors Carey Bamber and Jean Stephens had the opportunity to see for ourselves all the hard work that has gone on with the Shapers and Makers groups. Representatives from each of the groups presented their outcomes to-date. It was a very informative afternoon and there was lots of interesting discussions.


There were a number of common themes that came through all the groups about how we can improve; examples were improved communication, streamlined paperwork and more effective policy and procedures. It was clear to all who attended that we have a lot of hard work to do but it was very encouraging to see the willingness of all to embrace change for the good.


I have also been out and about some of our day centres this month.  I met with Lee Sutton one of our Service Co-ordinators at Oakenholt, Lee shared with me some of his and his colleagues frustrations around our paperwork. This had been raised in the Shapers and Makers event also and I give you the Boards and the Business Leadership teams commitment that this is one of our key priorities to address.

On Monday 23rd I was lucky enough to share the The Birds of Prey Experience;   delivered by Anita Morris Director of Hack Back CIC in partnership with Royden Park Project Wirral Evolutions to families and friends of the Wirral Motor Neurone Disease Association. This is an exceptional project and our students have seen their skills, knowledge, wellbeing and self-confidence improve through this work.  Mark Humphreys and the staff at Royden are working hard with the local business community to develop this project further.  We hope that in the future we will have our very own Avery. I would encourage all of you to visit and experience this for your selves it was breathtaking.  

Finally at Board this month the results of both the Parent/Carer and Staff Survey were shared.  The level of response for both surveys was disappointing and that just demonstrates that we have to work harder at communication and engaging with both groups. Only a third of staff took part in the survey. We want your feedback it is very important to us. I would urge you all to get involved in future events or surveys. Your voice can only be heard if you get involved.  The results of both surveys will be published in full at the end of May.


Once again I want to thank you for all your continued hard work and commitment.  I look forward to meeting many more of you as I continue getting out and about our services in the coming months.



  Mike Naden

  Chair of Wirral Evolutions


Posted on 4th May 2018