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Posted on 16th June 2016

Open Day

Join us for our first Open Day/Showcase event across all of our services on Friday 17th June from 10am – 2pm.  This is intended to showcase and promote the amazing work our teams do on a daily basis. In addition to activities at The Grange, in each centre on this day there will be an ‘Open Day’, we want to be able to throw the doors open (safely if course!) to parents, carer, families, friends of, local community, partners…. in fact everyone! We think this will be a great opportunity for us to showcase the great work in a coordinated way across the whole company on the same day and we hope you will join us on that day either at The Grange or at one of our many sites across the borough!  
Posted on 10th June 2016

Newsletter June 2016

Here is the latest version of our newsletter, Evolve, hope you enjoy it! (Please click the image below to download)     
Posted on 3rd June 2016


Staff from Wirral Evolutions have been honoured at the first of a newly-inaugurated annual awards ceremony. The Being Excellent and Succeeding Together (BEST) Awards will be an annual celebration of the hard work of everyone involved with Wirral Evolutions. The event, held at Wallasey’s Grosvenor Ballroom, saw the achievements of employees, volunteers and apprentices recognised, following a busy first twelve months of work. Wirral Evolutions, a spin-off company from Wirral Council, is a specialist social care services provider, covering the whole of the Wirral. During the ceremony, Managing Director of Wirral Evolutions Chris Beyga thanked the assembled teams for their commitment and dedication throughout the year, and praised their successes.   Chris Beyga says: “I couldn’t be more proud of all the team members here. Each individual is key to our success, and it’s their dedication, spirit and drive which makes us so successful as an organisation.   ‘This awards ceremony is about saying thank you to everyone in our team, from the apprentices just starting out to our long standing employees. We have 160 highly skilled employees as well as volunteers, and every one of them plays their part in providing great services.   ‘I like to think of Wirral Evolutions as a family, and it’s important that we can all get together and take a moment to really sit back and look at what we’ve achieved here.   ‘From day one it’s been our mission to nurture and guide each and every one of our staff, and seeing them now, ready and prepared to take on new challenges is so rewarding. Our workforce is one to be proud of and is something to be celebrated.’  
Posted on 27th January 2016

Working for us

We are one of the first new and innovative companies to spin out from local authority control in the North West. We're the largest provider of day care and daytime opportunities for disabled people in the Wirral. We're at the forefront of developing new and innovative ways to support people with disabilities to live fuller and productive lives, with access to therapeutic services, training, employment and volunteering opportunities. Our work, whether routine or ground-breaking, is truly life changing; the benefits of a will last a lifetime. Whether through our local work with our communities and partner organisations, or our excellent workforce, our expertise is the key to our success. We are seeking to appoint to several key posts to be part of our dynamic team. This opportunity comes at an exciting and challenging time in our development as we enter a period of strategic transition in a changing health and social care landscape. We are looking for people who:   Have a track record of making things happen Have a positive and ‘can do’ attitude Are resilient, have the ability to keep going when life gets tough Are keen to learn and develop Have great people skills People who care! People who will take personal responsibility for making things happen Who are passionate about people we support having a great life   If this is you then please do apply. Whilst a career in social care is rewarding it is also very hard work so you must be prepared to work hard, and take the responsibility and privilege of working with the people we support extremely seriously. We are currently seeking to appoint to the following posts: Office Manager/PA to MD Administrative Coordinator Finance Officer Quality & Business Improvement Manager If you feel that you meet the criteria outlined, please apply for this role by completing the relevant attached application form, and if required, a supporting statement outlining why you feel you meet the criteria for this post and what value you can add to the company. Please take time to read the accompanying application pack which tells you a little bit more about us. All posts are open to job share if compatible with the needs of the business Advert - 26th January – 3rd Feb Closing date - 4th February Interviews - 11th - 12th February Please visit our Careers page for further information   
Posted on 26th January 2016

Revealed: BE&ST Shortlist

We want to say thank you, so many of you responded to our call to recognise the staff and volunteers of Wirral Evolutions  - the competition was fierce - so a huge pat on the back to anyone who entered.  The winners will be announced on 21st December at The Grosvenor Ballroom, we hope to see you all there.  In the meantime you can see who is in the running below... Shortlist  Learner of the Year Karen Henderson (Cambridge Road) Karen has over the last couple of years grown in confidence at one point she was very shy but since she took part in the initial development of the Gateway project. Karen is now one of the main lead staff on the Gateway project being run at Cambridge Road and has learnt so much she has even amazed herself! Steve McShane (Royden Park) Steve is currently completing a Degree to enhance his academic knowledge and qualifications. The knowledge and skills he has developed already by working towards his degree are transferable, and he is utilising this to support the work that Royden Park are doing in partnership with the schools across Wirral. This is providing valuable experience’s for the individuals attending the service and young children across the borough. This course of study is over and above Steven's ’s role at Royden Park and he is completing it in his own time. He is improving his own knowledge and skills and that is having a positive effect on the service we offer and the overall project. Michelle Stanton (Heswall) Michelle has recently overcome many challenges to complete her pool qualifications, this has taken a determined effort on her part and she has put in many extra hours to study and complete this, she has shown remarkable commitment and is an example to us all. Pensby Wood /Heswall Team (Phil Buchall, Kerry Johnson, Christine Greenham, Lisa Lilliott, Brian Evans and Anne Moroney) Phil, Kerry, Christine, Lisa, Brian and Anne are all part way through their new care awards. This supports the Social Care Commitment and is a good example of our commitment to staff but more importantly the commitment of our staff to develop their skills to ensure we provide quality care to the people we support. Volunteer of the Year Mike Clark (Eastham) Mike has been a volunteer at Eastham for over 17 years and despite recent health challenges has been determined to continue in his role. He supports the woodworking project and his ‘flowerpot men’ have become quite famous across the Wirral!! Mike’s dedication and commitment is valued by the team and they say that ‘The relationships he has developed with the people he supports are priceless’ ‘Mike never seeks recognition and quietly goes about his work with people, but we think he should definitely be applauded’   Scott Crebbin (Highcroft) Scott has been volunteering at Highcroft for over 3 years, his skills in the garden and polytunnel has meant that there is a constant supply of home grown fruit and vegetables available for use in the Café; he is Highcroft’s very own Monty Don! Mike King (Dale Farm) Mike is now into his 20th year as a volunteer! He is a valuable and valued member of the team, he has been described as an ‘unsung hero’ and has consistently supported and befriended so many people over the years. Michelle Probing (Pensby) Michelle has been described by the team at Pensby as ‘always going the extra mile’ ‘she is kind, caring and supportive of everyone’ ‘she helped me settle in as new member of staff, her kindness was wonderful’ ‘Michelle is dedicated with a capital D!’ ‘nothing is too much trouble for her’ Nic Rollinson (Royden Park) Since retiring for her job as a teacher, Nic has channelled her teaching skills into working with the team at Royden. She has been a key lead in the project achieving the John Muir Award, and has been at the cutting edge with new ideas and highlighting best practice, she is invaluable to the team at Royden and they would be ‘lost without her’! Edie Bird (Oakenholt) Edie has been a volunteer at Oakenholt and previously at Moreton, for more years than anyone can remember! She is described as being ‘passionate, enthusiastic and she has a positive attitude and is a really valued member of the team’ One Step Beyond Greg Archer (Eastham) Greg is a willing and committed member of the team at Eastham, anyone who knows Greg will agree he is ‘Mr Positivity’! His enthusiasm and passion are infectious and he never fails to make everyone around him smile! Debbie Duckworth (Best Bites) Debbie’s team mates say ‘she is enthusiastic, so knowledgeable and friendly’ ‘she happily shares her knowledge with her colleagues, she has endless patience, and a smile for everyone!’ ‘She is the team motivator and can always be relied on to cheer everyone up after a long hard day!’ Tracy Glover (Highcroft) Tracy has over 25 year’s service, since being redeployed to Highcroft she has thrown herself into her new role with enthusiasm and commitment. Taking on a new role is never easy but Tracy has embraced the change fully and you would think she has always been a member of the team! Prior to a recent health problem Tracy had 100% attendance which really is remarkable, thankfully she has made a full recovery and is yet again giving her full commitment to support the people at Highcroft. Duncan Leslie (Royden Park) Duncan has been described as ‘consistently delivering more than expected’ whether it is taking the lead on delivering national qualification’s and coaching sessions or leading the delivery of the John Muir Award, Duncan really does go ‘One Step Beyond’   Bright Idea Award Mark Humphreys (Royden Park) Mark recently had an idea to enable people with disabilities to use the fishing facilities at Royden. However due to the fishing platforms were in a poor state of repair and not safe, especially for people in wheelchairs. So Mark took the initiative and organised funding through the National Lottery and working with the Environment Agency developed ‘Hooked on Royden’ there are now excellent facilities for not only disabled people but anyone that wants to access the mere, it truly is an inclusive facility enjoyed by all. Chris Mann (Oakenholt) Chris has actively integrated a satellite drama group into mainstream services and is encouraging flexible working, increasing the offer to a wider group of people. Improving approaches and providing a theatrical platform for people to express themselves in a service setting. Also Chris has been successful in gaining funding for a programme to support the aims of the Transforming Care programme by making a significant contribution to the cost of training health and/or social care workers in positive behavioural support (PBS) and/or autism awareness. Well done Chris! Christine Rothwell (Pensby) Chris has recently researched and developed an idea for a cycle track at Pensby Wood, not content with just researching the idea, Chris has gone one step further and submitted a grant application to Sport England to make the idea become a reality! We wait with baited breath for the outcome in the New Year.  Chris Cliffe (Star Design) With the transfer of the woodwork from Star Design to Dale Farm it was realised that space was going to be an issue for both storage and working. Chris started to look around the site for opportunities to create some additional storage space and came up with the idea of using a space previously under used. This work was carried has proved to be a great success giving the project good storage and a working area, providing flexibility and versatility and has been a clever use of space to transform a unused patch of land into a useful and versatile area.   Outstanding Achievement Tracy Glover (Highcroft) Tracy has over 25 year’s service, since being redeployed to Highcroft she has thrown herself into her new role with enthusiasm and commitment. Taking on a new role is never easy but Tracy has embraced the change fully and you would think she has always been a member of the team! Prior to a recent health problem Tracy had 100% attendance which really is remarkable, thankfully she has made a full recovery and is yet again giving her full commitment to support the people at Highcroft. Sandra Mullen (Best Bites) Sandra has only been at Best Bites for two years, she had no previous experience but tacking the challenge head on! She has developed her skills in the kitchen, she supports and coaches people and has been described by her manager as ‘always giving a 110%!’ Berniece Phillips (Eastham) Berniece has had to overcome some serious health issues in recent years but she has never let this get in the way of her work, she has a positive and happy outlook and is a really valued member of the team at Eastham. Although her role is not working directly with the people at the centre, she makes a point of interacting with everyone and takes are real interest in the activities and offers support to all. Her colleagues feel ‘proud and fortunate’ to work with her. Zeb Wenski (Heswall) Due to a fortunate set of circumstances, Zeb recently undertook a project with Mark and Sue Wright to try and get some much needed resources for the Heswall Football Team. Through their joint efforts he has ensured that the football team is the best equipped team in the borough! Zeb’s enthusiasm and energy has been invaluable in achieving this. He isn’t resting on his laurels though and is now working to develop competitive football matches for the team with others! STAR of the Year Hazel Briscoe (Best Bites) Hazel was redeployed into Best Bites from a previous role as a Home Carer, there is a massive difference in these roles, but it’s safe to say that Hazel took to her new role like a duck to water! She has shown a true aptitude for supporting people and helping them gain their independence. Her manager says she is open and honest in her approach at all times, and really does provide truly personalised support to everyone she works with  Julie Comber (Cambridge Rd) Julie has done some outstanding work with people with autism she thinks outside the box and is constantly looking for new activities and  resources that would stimulate and improve well-being of the service user with acute autism. The service user was allocated 2 to 1 out in the community with the work Julie has done with this individual and understanding her needs and locations that upset her, the service user regularly accesses the community with one-to-one support. Jacky Griffiths (Eastham) Jacky’s colleagues say that she is such a valued member of the team they don’ know what they would do without her! She frequently arrives early and they have trouble getting her to leave, such is her commitment. The people she supports idolise her and her team mates say she is a ‘lovely and fabulous woman to know’  Barbara Higginson (Cambridge Rd) Barbara can often be overlooked for the good work and standard that she works to. She never promotes the work she does with individuals she just gets on and does it, hiding her light under a bushel! Whether the person is quiet and unassuming or whether they challenge the service, Barbara will chat about their well-being and always ensures they are engaged in activities of their choice. Barbara has very high standards and is a real asset to the team.     Community Champion Debbie Broster (Best Bites) Debbie has been relentless in her pursuit of excellence and the commitment to develop Best Bites, she has achieved this through fantastic networking across the Wirral and developing partnerships with local schools and the higher education sector. One of Debbie’s colleagues says ‘without Debbie’s efforts people with learning disabilities wouldn’t be so connected with the local community and she is constantly breaking down barriers and ensuring inclusion is the norm’  Zeb Wenski (Heswall) Zeb has developed excellent relationships with the local Heswall Community, from the community police to local businesses he has established strong community links and networks, he takes a lead role in the Heswall Arts Festival.  Paul Kros (Eastham) Paul has developed a diverse range of community activities that really have benefited Eastham Centre. These include the ‘in the frame project’ in partnership with the Tate, children’s pottery, sport inclusion project with Tranmere Rovers, lifelong learning courses and many more! His manager describes Paul as ‘fully committed and totally dedicated’ Ken Taylor & Peter Crawford Ken and Peter are quite a team! They have raised funds and provided a van to transport the wonderful Taiko Drummers. They have linked with many funding organisations to ensure support for the drummers is always there, they enable the team to travel to events, displays and performances, ensuring thus great team are seen far and wide! Inspirational Manager  Adele Babb (Eastham) Adele has been described by the staff who nominated her as ‘inspirational, supportive, sympathetic and caring’ ‘She always goes over and above what she needs to do and nothing is too much trouble for her’ ‘She is proactive at all times, she enables and empowers all the staff she works with’ Debbie Broster (Best Bites) Debbie’s team say she is ‘enthusiastic, caring and supportive’ ‘she enables people to gain the skills and knowledge they need to develop self-worth and confidence’ ‘she shows belief in us and we then develop best self belief’ ‘she is always looking forward, being creative and if it wasn’t for Debbie Best Bites would never have been developed, I have admiration for her and what she has achieved’ Ellen Conlon (Pensby) Ellen’s team say that she has ‘transformed Pensby Wood’ ‘She has created a place that is safe and happy for staff and people we support’ ‘She has a consistent approach which ensures the dignity and care of people is of the highest quality’ ‘She has faith in the staff team and has boosted our confidence and enabled us to become better and more efficient in our job role’ Mark Humphreys (Royden Park) Mark has been described as being ‘down to earth, fully involved with the team’ ‘ he is respected and valued by all staff, volunteers and people we support’ ‘he has such a positive attitude and has developed really positive relationships with others that has enabled the project to go from strength to strength’ ‘his sustained commitment has helped build the project into the success it is today’   Christine Rothwell (Pensby/Heswall) Chris’s team say ‘her commitment to developing good practice and ensuring all people are treated with dignity and respect is to be admired’ ‘she encourages staff to focus on the importance of developing exceptional relationships with the people we work with’ ‘she has great leadership skills and is always encouraging the staff to be better and better’ Zeb Wenski (Heswall) Zeb’s team say that he is ’imaginative, supportive and approachable’ ‘He inspires the people he works with by leading by example’ ‘he is genuinely enthusiastic about everything he is involved in’ ‘It has been a pleasure working with Zeb, he brings out the best in people through his engaging and creative nature and by encouraging others’ ‘he makes us all feel very valued’   Team of the Year Best Bites The team across all Best Bites sites share the common target of achieving positive outcomes for the people they support. The team say that they have great leadership in place which helps them to strive towards excellence. The amazing success of Best Bites would not have been possible without the full commitment of every team member; they have been described as ‘adapting to new ways of working, being wholly flexible, they are motivated and enthusiastic, up for any challenge!’ Heswall The team at Heswall are described as ‘regularly going above and beyond normal expectations and duties’ They have adapted well to changes in direction, management and ways of working, their manager says ‘I am very proud and privileged to work with this team, I am confident that they will continue to deliver high quality services to people in the future, but I don’t think they realise just how good they are!’ Highcroft The team at Highcroft give ‘100% energy, commitment and support’ ‘They show positivity and a great team spirit in order to provide support to each other and the people they support’ ‘The team provide and atmosphere people want to be part of’ Pensby Wood The staff team at Pensby have a clear set of agreed goals and a shared vision of how best to support people. There is a clear cohesion between all roles and the team has fully embraced the principle of flexible working and holistic care. One person recently commented that ‘I can’t tell sometimes who is care and who is support as you all work together so well, it’s just one big team focussed on the best outcomes for people’ Another comment was ‘I have never worked in such a friendly and welcoming environment, with people who have such a great knowledge and motivation to provide the best possible care for the people they support.’   People’s Choice To be announced on the day of the awards      
Posted on 4th December 2015